Saturday, 5 April 2014

Steady Safaris tours focuses on Uganda safaris in the Pearl of Africa

Uganda Safaris through Steady Safaris Limited.

Steady safaris Limited is your company of choice when it comes to planning or desiring to go to Uganda for a safari. We don't do Kenya or Tanzania but we do Offer services in Uganda relating to our origins. We know and understand Uganda in every way that will make a successful safari when you opt to visit. Steady safaris limited is a small company and we are happy to stay small for now as this gives us the edge to articulate our clients desires during the safari planning. We are detailed safari planners, experts in our country Uganda. We know Uganda at the back of our heads, we know the routes, the tracks within the parks. Our guides have been carefully selected most of whom we started together as ranger, tourist drivers, guides.

What Uganda has, we know where it is.

Trust us with your safari and you won't be disappointed or we will refund a %.

With love for nature....Carlos Olaaka

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