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Chimpanzee tracking or Chimpanzee habituation in Kibale forest national park in Uganda

We work closely with the science team of specialist who operator in Kibale forest national park in kayanchu, Kamuwenge road, in fort portal and Budongo forest, Murchison falls national park, Masindi that are working to habituate wild chimpanzees for tourism purposes on behalf of the Uganda wildlife authority. Chimpanzee tracking offers opportunities to see families of wild chimpanzees in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Our most popular option is chimpanzee tracking which starts at 8am in Kibale forest national park or Budongo forest. Where groups of 5 - 8 individuals are grouped to form a chimpanzee tracking pack. Alternatively you can choose the more realistic option of Chimpanzee habituation. This experience requires you to be prepared to start the day early along the chimpanzees as they wake at 6am to start their long day of feeding, playing, resting, fighting, hunting and patrolling their territory.

Steady Safaris Limited, recommends the Chimpanzee habituation experience as opposed to just tracking. Though it costs a little, the reward of chimpanzee habituation is worth while. Travelling this far into the wilderness of Uganda necessitates being prepared for mind blowing experiences and one of the experience is chimpanzee habituation. The activity is available at any time of the year.

Kibale forest national park is the only place in Uganda from where you are likely to see chimpanzees with so little effort.

This forest is known to have the highest number of primates in Africa.

Best time to go: All year round.

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