Monday, 7 April 2014

Easter holiday getaway safaris

Where to go during Easter

Easter is first approaching, it's a four long break an it's time to getaway for a holiday with your family but your are stuck because you have no idea or clue on where to go. There multiple choices that can make this Easter holiday a fantastic and enriching time well spent with your beloved ones. Starting with places in lake Victoria, to the highlands of the Eastern region, stretch along the savannah plains in the north, to the enchanting locations in the west you won't fail to get a package that fits your Easter holiday plan.

Easter holiday on Lake Victoria

Depending on how deep your pockets are, how you fill you should make this Easter Holiday package special for your family, what class of experience you are interested in, from Pineapple bay Bulago island to Ssese Islands kalangala the options are quite many. And the options are all affordable and if you booked with a travel agent such as Steady Safaris Limited be sure to get deals and professional service. Still on water, the wild waters lodge in Kayunga on Kalagala island is another place to consider. The beauty with these destinations, the element of long drives is omitted. Unless you are interested in travelling as far as Kabale on lake bunyonyi's bushara Island, the the long drive awaits you.

Easter Holidays in a game park

For the lovers of nature or those that would like to spicy up the Easter holiday with a safari, game parks in Uganda and all the lodges have something special on. Where you will get your self a very good package for Easter. Murchison falls is a recommendation, as is lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth or the extreme remote Kidepo valley game park. In all these parks be sure to have a fantastic time and holiday. You and your family and friends will enjoy your time in the wilderness as each day will grace you with a different experience.

Easter holiday cultural experience

In Uganda we have 54 tribes with different authentic culture. Would you want to visit a different tribe for a cultural experience? Know your cultures this Easter, opt for a homestead Easter safari and discover something different. Something you never knew, something to appreciate in a culture next door. Spending time with a culture contrary to your own is an appreciation and willingness to know, as well as appreciate your motherland.

Easter holidays hikes and treks

Go hiking in the East, from the ranges of mount Elgon to the plains of  karamojja, there are stunning hiking places that will offer you breath-taking views and also help you appreciate Uganda. From the busy life to something completely different mingle with nature and see the beautiful country side.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Steady Safaris tours focuses on Uganda safaris in the Pearl of Africa

Uganda Safaris through Steady Safaris Limited.

Steady safaris Limited is your company of choice when it comes to planning or desiring to go to Uganda for a safari. We don't do Kenya or Tanzania but we do Offer services in Uganda relating to our origins. We know and understand Uganda in every way that will make a successful safari when you opt to visit. Steady safaris limited is a small company and we are happy to stay small for now as this gives us the edge to articulate our clients desires during the safari planning. We are detailed safari planners, experts in our country Uganda. We know Uganda at the back of our heads, we know the routes, the tracks within the parks. Our guides have been carefully selected most of whom we started together as ranger, tourist drivers, guides.

What Uganda has, we know where it is.

Trust us with your safari and you won't be disappointed or we will refund a %.

With love for nature....Carlos Olaaka

Chimpanzee tracking or Chimpanzee habituation in Kibale forest national park in Uganda

We work closely with the science team of specialist who operator in Kibale forest national park in kayanchu, Kamuwenge road, in fort portal and Budongo forest, Murchison falls national park, Masindi that are working to habituate wild chimpanzees for tourism purposes on behalf of the Uganda wildlife authority. Chimpanzee tracking offers opportunities to see families of wild chimpanzees in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Our most popular option is chimpanzee tracking which starts at 8am in Kibale forest national park or Budongo forest. Where groups of 5 - 8 individuals are grouped to form a chimpanzee tracking pack. Alternatively you can choose the more realistic option of Chimpanzee habituation. This experience requires you to be prepared to start the day early along the chimpanzees as they wake at 6am to start their long day of feeding, playing, resting, fighting, hunting and patrolling their territory.

Steady Safaris Limited, recommends the Chimpanzee habituation experience as opposed to just tracking. Though it costs a little, the reward of chimpanzee habituation is worth while. Travelling this far into the wilderness of Uganda necessitates being prepared for mind blowing experiences and one of the experience is chimpanzee habituation. The activity is available at any time of the year.

Kibale forest national park is the only place in Uganda from where you are likely to see chimpanzees with so little effort.

This forest is known to have the highest number of primates in Africa.

Best time to go: All year round.

Carlos Olaaka...