Monday, 7 April 2014

Easter holiday getaway safaris

Where to go during Easter

Easter is first approaching, it's a four long break an it's time to getaway for a holiday with your family but your are stuck because you have no idea or clue on where to go. There multiple choices that can make this Easter holiday a fantastic and enriching time well spent with your beloved ones. Starting with places in lake Victoria, to the highlands of the Eastern region, stretch along the savannah plains in the north, to the enchanting locations in the west you won't fail to get a package that fits your Easter holiday plan.

Easter holiday on Lake Victoria

Depending on how deep your pockets are, how you fill you should make this Easter Holiday package special for your family, what class of experience you are interested in, from Pineapple bay Bulago island to Ssese Islands kalangala the options are quite many. And the options are all affordable and if you booked with a travel agent such as Steady Safaris Limited be sure to get deals and professional service. Still on water, the wild waters lodge in Kayunga on Kalagala island is another place to consider. The beauty with these destinations, the element of long drives is omitted. Unless you are interested in travelling as far as Kabale on lake bunyonyi's bushara Island, the the long drive awaits you.

Easter Holidays in a game park

For the lovers of nature or those that would like to spicy up the Easter holiday with a safari, game parks in Uganda and all the lodges have something special on. Where you will get your self a very good package for Easter. Murchison falls is a recommendation, as is lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth or the extreme remote Kidepo valley game park. In all these parks be sure to have a fantastic time and holiday. You and your family and friends will enjoy your time in the wilderness as each day will grace you with a different experience.

Easter holiday cultural experience

In Uganda we have 54 tribes with different authentic culture. Would you want to visit a different tribe for a cultural experience? Know your cultures this Easter, opt for a homestead Easter safari and discover something different. Something you never knew, something to appreciate in a culture next door. Spending time with a culture contrary to your own is an appreciation and willingness to know, as well as appreciate your motherland.

Easter holidays hikes and treks

Go hiking in the East, from the ranges of mount Elgon to the plains of  karamojja, there are stunning hiking places that will offer you breath-taking views and also help you appreciate Uganda. From the busy life to something completely different mingle with nature and see the beautiful country side.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Steady Safaris tours focuses on Uganda safaris in the Pearl of Africa

Uganda Safaris through Steady Safaris Limited.

Steady safaris Limited is your company of choice when it comes to planning or desiring to go to Uganda for a safari. We don't do Kenya or Tanzania but we do Offer services in Uganda relating to our origins. We know and understand Uganda in every way that will make a successful safari when you opt to visit. Steady safaris limited is a small company and we are happy to stay small for now as this gives us the edge to articulate our clients desires during the safari planning. We are detailed safari planners, experts in our country Uganda. We know Uganda at the back of our heads, we know the routes, the tracks within the parks. Our guides have been carefully selected most of whom we started together as ranger, tourist drivers, guides.

What Uganda has, we know where it is.

Trust us with your safari and you won't be disappointed or we will refund a %.

With love for nature....Carlos Olaaka

Chimpanzee tracking or Chimpanzee habituation in Kibale forest national park in Uganda

We work closely with the science team of specialist who operator in Kibale forest national park in kayanchu, Kamuwenge road, in fort portal and Budongo forest, Murchison falls national park, Masindi that are working to habituate wild chimpanzees for tourism purposes on behalf of the Uganda wildlife authority. Chimpanzee tracking offers opportunities to see families of wild chimpanzees in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Our most popular option is chimpanzee tracking which starts at 8am in Kibale forest national park or Budongo forest. Where groups of 5 - 8 individuals are grouped to form a chimpanzee tracking pack. Alternatively you can choose the more realistic option of Chimpanzee habituation. This experience requires you to be prepared to start the day early along the chimpanzees as they wake at 6am to start their long day of feeding, playing, resting, fighting, hunting and patrolling their territory.

Steady Safaris Limited, recommends the Chimpanzee habituation experience as opposed to just tracking. Though it costs a little, the reward of chimpanzee habituation is worth while. Travelling this far into the wilderness of Uganda necessitates being prepared for mind blowing experiences and one of the experience is chimpanzee habituation. The activity is available at any time of the year.

Kibale forest national park is the only place in Uganda from where you are likely to see chimpanzees with so little effort.

This forest is known to have the highest number of primates in Africa.

Best time to go: All year round.

Carlos Olaaka...

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Reasons why you should visit Uganda


Uganda's beauty, history, diversity and friendly people justify its reputation as the “Pearl of Africa.”
Segmented from east to west by the equator and from the north to south by forks of the Great Rift Valley, Uganda lies at the very heart of Africa. With the extensive rainforests of the Congo Basin to the west, Lake Victoria to the south, the semi-arid deserts of the Sahel to the north, and the acacia-dotted savannahs of the vast Serengeti ecosystem to the east, Uganda is a microcosm of African wildlife and environments.

Uganda is where we find the Rwenzori, the fabled “Mountains of the Moon”; Murchison Falls; the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest; and the source of the Nile River. From the naturalists point of view, this tiny nation is one of the most biologically diverse areas of Africa. With more than 1,000 species of birds, many of them characteristic of the central African rainforests, Uganda is a birders paradise, and nowhere else on the continent can one see such a wide variety of primates with so little effort.

It is here that the greatest percentage of Mountain Gorilla habitat remains. Our safari in Uganda provides the traveler with unique opportunities to view this, the largest and most endangered of the great apes in the wild. Chimpanzee, many types of Geunons, and two species of Colobus Monkey abound, giving primate enthusiasts unparalled opportunities for observation. In addition to primates Uganda offers a wealth of other wildlife. African Buffalo, Bushbuck, Giant Forest Hog and several species of Duiker thrive in the lush upland forests of Kibale. Lion, Leopard, Uganda Kob and African Elephant are some of the larger mammals that may be found in Queen Elizabeth National Park which also boasts one of the largest concentrations of Hippo in the world.

Population:  34 million
Language: Swahili and English (official), about 56 tribal languages
Religion: Christian 84%, Muslim 12%, traditional & other 1%
Government: Dominant party system
Capital: Kampala
Time Zone: UTC+3
Currency: Ugandan shilling(UGX)
Highlights: Lake Victoria, Nile basin, lake Kyoga, Rwenzori mountainous region, Lake Albert, Lake Edward, Lake George, Tropical forest


1. People

Every traveller knows how the attitude of local people can influence the experience when visiting a new country. When going somewhere new, we want to learn about other ways of living, we want contact with new cultures, we want to connect with people whose lives are so different but somehow so similar to ours.
People in Uganda are friendly, open and curious with a great sense of fun.

2. Green

If you think that everything south of the Sahara is arid, yellow and inhospitable, you are definitely trapped in a cliché! The lush and luxurious jungle which characterises the rainforest is replaced by banana, tea and coffee plantations around the villages making the long drives exciting and varied. Bwindi impenetrable forest features more than 1,000 flowering plant species and almost 200 different types of trees, many of which are endemic. It is no wonder that this precious ecosystem is home to an incredible variety of birds, butterflies and mammal species including some of the rarest animals on the planet.

3. Off the beaten track feel

It's becoming increasingly difficult to have the feeling of travelling to a remote area, sometimes even in Africa. The often bumpy, rough roads of Uganda and the less developed infrastructure compared to some of the neighbouring countries, makes your experience in Uganda truly edgy and fun. Uganda is an African success story and whilst being adventurous and unspoilt, it is now a very safe country to travel to.

4. Wildlife

Primates are so amazing that we often forget about some of the other incredible wildlife that lives in Uganda. However, many are thrilled to see herds of water buffalo in Queen Elizabeth National Park and watch hippos and elephants playing in the water of the Kazinga Channel. You will take hundreds of photos of colourful birds, lazy crocodiles and elegant antelopes. If you are luckier than, you could even spot the famous tree climbing lions in Ishasha and if you are outrageously lucky the even more elusive leopard!

5. Action

Primate treks are of course a big highlight but there's more to Uganda than this. Kayaking in Bunyonyi, a gentle trek on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains, or a walking safari in Lake Mburo are only some of the options. You will love the gentle trek to the waterfalls in Bwindi; spellbound, You will watch hundreds of colourful butterflies on the paths and listened to the multitude of birds singing in the forest as if it was the most beautiful concert I had ever heard.

6. Water

Lakes, waterfalls, channels; the water element is prevalent in the Ugandan landscape which even features the source of the mighty Nile. Apart from allowing the lush vegetation to survive, this precious element adds to the beauty of the scenery, makes the activities on offer varied and exciting and is the habitat for many species that otherwise wouldn't be able to survive.

7. Conservation

Gorillas are endangered creatures and the only way of helping them to survive is to get involved! A gorilla permit is not cheap but the experience is worth every penny. By purchasing one you will be contributing to the survival of these marvelous primates and the conservation of their rainforest home.

8. Responsible Tourism

Uganda needs support and apart from helping the conservation of its wildlife and ecosystems, it's vital we help the local communities to improve their standard of life. Bwindi Hospital is an important hospital in Uganda specialising in HIV treatments and is one of the projects Steady Safaris supports.

9. Chimps

Although the gorilla trek has to be the main highlight, when it comes to outstanding moments, many think the chimp trek is up there with the best of them. Kibale National Park has the biggest population of chimps on earth and is the best place to observe them. Many are impressed with the rangers, who are experienced very able to recognise any odours, sounds and tracks in the forest.
The chimp trek is a fantastic experience and is quite different from the gorilla trek as it involves being very vigilant and fast to understand where the chimps are and how to find them. As you finally hear them screaming you will be absolutely thrilled when you see them coming towards you. Only a few metres away, they don't seem bothered by your presence. As they slowly merge back into the forest after their brief procession, your day is made!

10. Gorillas

Wildlife enthusiasts know that a gorilla encounter is the ultimate wildlife experience. Many are waiting for this moment for a very long time. Unlike the chimps, which can be more difficult to spot, you are pretty much guaranteed an encounter with the gorillas. The anticipation and realisation that this is actually finally going to happen, keeps you awake almost all night!
We also offer Tailormade holidays to Uganda – perfect if you want us to plan an itinerary to your exact specifications and budget or travel on your own itinerary in a private group.
With love for nature.....Carlos Olaaka

Friday, 14 February 2014

Where will you go for an African Safari.

Where will you go for an African Safari?

You are planning for a year or 2 years or even 5 years to go on an African safari. You have worked hard, sometimes double shifts or 2 jobs to save the money for a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy a safari in Africa. This life chance of a traditional big five safari requires proper planning through a knowledgable tour operator or safari agent, preferably a local travel agent native to the destination you choose is what we recommend. Because no one knows the local communities, roads, native languages like a local operator. Even the international agents partner with local rangers, guides, companies to produce successful safaris.  It is well known that Marco-polo first travelled through Tanzania and Kenya for safari. Well known expeditionists from the royal geographic society applauded East Africa for its greatest wildlife show down which really engineered top class safari evolutions.

Where to go.

When you talk safari; you think of three destinations: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda any thing more in East Africa is artificial in nature of setting and execution.
Kenya: is a lovely destination without a doubt one of the best destinations in the great East African Rift Valley. This land is blessed with amazing landscapes, a fantastic coast line with good beaches, National parks and reserves. It is a historical nation with famous history like the Mau Mau rebellion; this escalated because of land that was being grabbed from the locals by British colonials in the name of investments. Though great, Kenya is unpredictable security wise. Kenya has got some of the strong willed tribes in East Africa and because of this strong will they often act and react before thinking. This has resulted in events like the 2007/08 events of political interests that saw some 2,645 people dead. Kenya has recently come out of this with one of the 2 main political party winning the recent election. When you choose to go to Kenya on safari, be sure to enjoy very good lodges, professional local travel agent/guide services and seeing game is as simple as seeing a sheep in Newzeland. Because of the savannah plains and dis-organized off track driving in Masai Mara-this is brought about because of the weakness in conservation effort, soft game park rules, high competition among the operators and the strong will that comes from the tribes.

Tanzania, a beautiful land blessed with the Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, Kilimanjaro  many other parks such as Katabi, Selous, Manyara all of these parks are a haven of wild life. Laid back and peaceful, Tanzania would be the absolute safari destination for a lover of wildlife. In Tanzania you will take a traditional safari and kayak if you want. The locals are reserved with a poor command of spoken English making communication a burden. The distance between attractions is discouraging especially if driving on poor infrastructure. But a compensation of Zanzibar brings Hawaii close if you factor in a beach holiday while in Tanzania.

Uganda "the pearl of Africa" of Africa. This land is unmatched in East Africa. A country of great beauty yet undiscovered; one wonders why it receives the least visitors in East Africa. Uganda is the only country in the world where you can take a traditional big 7 safari including mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Uganda maintains intact village settings and culture. It is safe and welcoming for visitors with numerous opportunities to empower local communities. For many that have been to Uganda, they will visit this incredible land every 2 years. The biggest number of visitors to Uganda are returning individuals that have already been to Uganda. It is believed that a single visit to Uganda will never be enough. Having been in the news for all the wrong reasons, Uganda is now a new born with the right reasons to visit as a tourist and as an investor. The opportunities are endless in oil and gas, agriculture, real estate, transport, mining, industry etc. Uganda's weather is the key, being a tropical country, its comfortable weather all year round boosts every aspect of out door activities including safaris, hiking, tracking, cycling, trekking, white water rafting, you name it and you might find it in Uganda.

The recent famous BBC television show top gear showcased Uganda, as they tried to identify the furthest source of the Nile. The telecast shows a little about Uganda's landscape.

10 national parks grace Uganda, in the East of Uganda we embrace mount Elgon and Kidepo national park the only true remote national reserve in the great Eastern Rift Valley nestled among warriors of karamojja the karamajongos distant relatives of the turkanas.
Kidepo is a replica of Serengeti if you like; but with acacia trees as seen in the lion king.
Animals range the land freely, though facing the persistent poaching from South Sudan.
North-west lies  Murchison falls the biggest and most beautiful and richest park in Uganda inheriting its name from the might Murchison falls named after royal geographic president sir Rodrick Murchison. In the sames western Rift Valley to the south you find Queen Elizabeth national having the highest concentration of hippos in Africa. To the of Queen Elizabeth national park, well located is Kibale forest known for having the highest concentration of primates in Africa. In the some area you have semliki national park, Rwenzori national park.

Further south your the impenetrable forest of bwindi hosting half the number of mountain gorillas in the world. The makes mountain gorilla trekking the biggest adventure of this park although there are other resident animals in bwindi forest namely chimpanzees, primates, elephants, leopards, lots of birds.

Further south lies mgahinga national park home of the golden monkeys and gorillas still under habituation for touristic purposes in the near future. This volcanic area is well known for trekking and bird watching.

South of Uganda is lake Mburo national park, the only park in Uganda where you become a cow boy as you ride a horse among wildlife. Yes, a horse like in the ones you see in the movies, not a zebra or donkey but a horse. In this park walking safaris are like "Kiko" in gods must be crazy. You will walk and talk to wildlife here.

What Uganda will offer you, mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, zebras, cheetahs, Kobs, heartbeest, topi, hippo, white rhinos southern race, monkeys (moans spieces), crocodiles, other cats, other antelopes, 1040 birds, friendlier people with a big smile, tropic fruits, fantastic weather and us at Steady Safaris Limited

With love for nature.....Carlos Olaaka