Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Eco tourism in Uganda

Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a focus on high quality experiences in natural areas that showcase Uganda's unique environment and wildlife.

Eco tourism fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation for and conservation of nature, and is a fast growing sector in Uganda's tourism industry.

As people become more ecologically aware and seek nature-based tourism accommodation, experiences and attractions, ecotourism has become one of the most important markets in Uganda's tourism industry.

This guide outlines ecotourism in Uganda, and highlights opportunities and strategies for businesses to take advantage of this market.

Demand for ecotourism activities in Uganda is strong and expected to grow in the future.
Uganda has a large number of natural and protected areas as well as specific initiatives supporting investment in nature-based tourism.

Benefits of investing in Uganda's nature-based tourism

Investors in Uganda's nature-based tourism industry will benefit from a supportive government and positive investment environment. The Uganda Government encourages private investment in ecotourism accommodation, experiences and attractions that showcase Uganda's natural assets.
The development of Uganda's nature-based ecotourism products is jointly managed by the Ministry of Tourism and the Uganda wildlife authorit.

Ecotourism investment opportunities in Queensland

Expressions of interest (EOIs)

The Queensland Government is currently inviting EOIs from suitably experienced individuals and organisations to submit their ideas and proposals for the development of privately owned, low impact, purpose-built ecotourism infrastructure on national parks, or state lands adjacent to national parks, that will offer visitors unique or innovative ecotourism experiences.

Author: Carlos Olaaka

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