Sunday, 20 October 2013

Small group tour in Uganda - 10 day small group tour.

Considering a small group tour to Uganda in 2014, Steady safaris tours will arrange a perfect group to Uganda in range of budget that your group can afford.

A small group tour in a group is the best way to explore on a traditional African safari. You make friends and bond very well while in the wild and the best way to do this is in a small group of friends, family or strangers that you will me and make friends in the end.

Small groups also mean that you will share the costs keeping the budget down for your small group safari in Uganda.

There is no better way of going on safari in a group than a small group safari.

Contact Steady Safaris Limited for a small group safari.

Consider this itinerary for  a small group safari to Uganda.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Visiting Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to track the Southern White Rhinos

Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU) was formed as a Non Government Organization (NGO) in 1997 The function was to oversee and guide the implementation and management of the RFU to achieve its aim of reintroducing Rhinoceros, a highly endangered species across the globe, back into the National Parks of Uganda through a breeding and release program. In essence its purpose has been to return a vital aspect of environmental and cultural heritage to the Ugandan context. This was seen to be an inextricably important ecological link returned following the violent demise of the species by 1982.
Out of this emerged the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, 7000 hectares of imminently suitable savannah and native woodlands, which is privately owned by Captain Joe Roy, a citizen of Uganda. A land usage license was agreed on between Rhino Fund Uganda and Captain Roy, giving Rhino Fund Uganda sole usage rights for a period of thirty (renewable) years. The first six rhinos were introduced to this habitat during 2005/2006.

Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch located in Nakasongola district is the proud home of the only wild rhinos in Uganda. The Rhino re-introduction project is a project of Rhino Fund Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority.
Located 176km (100 miles) north of Kampala on the Gulu highway towards Murchison Falls (branch off at Nakitoma trading centre). Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is the only place where you will be able to see rhinos in the wild while in Uganda.

Presently the sanctuary is home to twelve (12) southern white rhinos – six (6) Adults, three (3) adolescents and three (3) babies. Two of the adult females are also expected to give birth next year. The sanctuary has become increasingly popular with tourists; for rhino trekking, bird watching, nature walks and relaxation.

Enter the territory of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary's rhinos on foot.  Rhino Fund Uganda has well  trained and informed guides that will guide you through the bush to where the rhino are on the day of your visit.  Your guide is there to keep you safe from harm so listening to the safety briefing he gives you is very important.  You will get the opportunity to watch these endangered, magnificent creatures doing what rhino do in their natural habitat.  As these rhino are free to move around on 7000ha of land, it is more often than not necessary to drive to the area that the rhino are in before taking the bush walk.  This activity is a once in a lifetime opportunity and should not be missed !
Best times for this activity    :  08H00 to 11H00 or 16H00 to 18H00 (rhino can be lazy when it is hot)

How much time you need    :  Depending on where the rhino are on the day you visit  1 - 2 hours

What you need                       :  Closed shoes, long pants and insect repellent

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Nakasongola

Itineraries that will take you through Ziwa.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ngamba Islanda Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Lake Victoria.

Ngamba Isaland chimpanzee sanctuary is found 27km from water front beach, next to the Uganda Wildlife Education Center in Entebbe.

Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary is a home for orphaned chimpanzees that have been rescued from pet traders within East Africa. It is the only place such as within the East African countries of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. It was started by Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust which established as a combined national and international initiative and a globally recognized collaborative conservation effort, geared towards developing and implementing a long-term strategy for conservation of chimpanzees and their habitat, with the immediate purpose of establishing a chimpanzee sanctuary on Ngamba Island in Lake Victoria, and such other places in Uganda as the trustees may acquire.
CSWCT established Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in 1998 for the care and welfare of entrusted animals while conserving as far as possible the ecosystem of the island.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary has since then emerged a popular day tour destination to for travelers and lovers of wildlife. Steady Safaris Tours Limited arrange such day tours to  Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary and on request overnight stays can be planned and arranged for you, your family or friends.

To get to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary you will travel by speed boat from water front beach and the speed boat is operated by wild frontiers based out in Entebbe.

This is an amazing day tour that will have you upon arrival at the sanctuary Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, you will be directed to the visitor’s center where you will be given an introduction to the project, its history, the residents and their plight. On each of the two types of day visits (half day and full day), you will receive an educational orientation by a chimpanzee caregiver and view a feeding of the chimpanzees (full day visitors will view 2 feedings) from the visitors’ raised platform area along the edge of the sanctuary fence.Our_Mission 
Contact Steady Safaris Limited for a day tour or over night stay at Ngamba Islanda Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Eco tourism in Uganda

Ecotourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a focus on high quality experiences in natural areas that showcase Uganda's unique environment and wildlife.

Eco tourism fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation for and conservation of nature, and is a fast growing sector in Uganda's tourism industry.

As people become more ecologically aware and seek nature-based tourism accommodation, experiences and attractions, ecotourism has become one of the most important markets in Uganda's tourism industry.

This guide outlines ecotourism in Uganda, and highlights opportunities and strategies for businesses to take advantage of this market.

Demand for ecotourism activities in Uganda is strong and expected to grow in the future.
Uganda has a large number of natural and protected areas as well as specific initiatives supporting investment in nature-based tourism.

Benefits of investing in Uganda's nature-based tourism

Investors in Uganda's nature-based tourism industry will benefit from a supportive government and positive investment environment. The Uganda Government encourages private investment in ecotourism accommodation, experiences and attractions that showcase Uganda's natural assets.
The development of Uganda's nature-based ecotourism products is jointly managed by the Ministry of Tourism and the Uganda wildlife authorit.

Ecotourism investment opportunities in Queensland

Expressions of interest (EOIs)

The Queensland Government is currently inviting EOIs from suitably experienced individuals and organisations to submit their ideas and proposals for the development of privately owned, low impact, purpose-built ecotourism infrastructure on national parks, or state lands adjacent to national parks, that will offer visitors unique or innovative ecotourism experiences.

Author: Carlos Olaaka