Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Gorilla tracking tours are governed by rules.


1). 8 visitors may visit a particular group of habituated mountain gorillas in a day this controls behaviour disturbance to the mountain gorillas.
2). Wash hands prior to tracking (before you depart the your lodging facilities wash your hands with soap).

3). Do not litter take back with you what you brought.
4). Tracking starts from last known GPRS (where mountain gorillas were last seen making nests).
5). Listen to the trekking leader of the day at all times please (representative of the Uganda Wildlife Authority, he is the boss).
6). Maintain a distance of 7meters between you and the gorillas when you find the gorillas.
7). Stay in tight group while observing the gorillas.
8). Keep you voices down and low at all times. Its okay to ask the guide questions but silently.
9). DO NOT eat or drink while your are in the presence of the Gorillas.
10). DO NOT look the Silverback in the eye. DO NOT run should the gorilla charge. Crouch down slowly should the gorilla charge. Follow the lead of the Leader from (UWA).
11). Turn the flash of your camera off.
13). You are allowed 1 hour with the gorillas maximum time.
14). Respect the 1 hour limited with the gorillas please.
15). If you are ill and we realize it we will NOT allow you to track the gorillas and we will not refund your money even before the Uganda Wildlife Authority stops you we will take it upon our selves to stop you as Steady Safaris Tours Limited.
16). If nature calls, toilet call or want to go to the bathroom, ask the trekking leader he will freely dig you a hole BUT ensure you cover up the hole when done with your business.

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